What to expect at Sunday Gathering

Toronto Oasis Sunday mornings will bring a compassionate community of freethinking individuals together for coffee, live local music, and a thought-provoking discussion grounded in reason, celebrating the human experience.  It’s an opportunity to reconnect with good friends, and to meet new ones.

Each gathering will present a different topic of discussion, and we will host a variety of guest speakers to make our community always exposed to a diversity of ideas.  And don’t worry, you can enter at any time during the gathering; we don’t mind what time you arrive!

For those who wish to continue the conversation, we arrange to have lunch at a nearby restaurant.


Toronto Oasis is a community for families.  While parents sit in the main gathering, our childcare volunteers engage children of all ages with a variety of enriching and educational activities including reading, science, math, and arts.


Toronto Oasis will supports local musicians, and we are pleased to host a wide variety of artists and groups at our Sunday gatherings. Every artist has their own style and instruments. Some days you’ll hear familiar songs, and on other days you’ll hear something new. Our local performers are evaluated to ensure a high level of talent that is in line with the values of our community.

Like other Oasis sites, we hope that Toronto Oasis will quickly become a recognized venue for performers within the local music scene, and we are always interested in presenting new talent to our community. If you are a musician and would like to perform for us on a Sunday morning, please contact us.