Toronto Oasis needs your contributions to keep going, to pay for the rental of the room we meet in, honoraria for our musicians, as well as things like legal advice for our upcoming applications for incorporation and charitable status. Your contributions will be an investment in the development of this secular community!

Single or Recurring Contributions by PayPal

You can use the following button to contribute via the PayPal service – a PayPal account is not required, you can just use a credit card!

Another option is to set up a weekly or monthly contribution by PayPal which does require you to use or set up a PayPal account:

Contribute at our Weekly Events

Of course we always welcome contributions by cash or cheque at our events, and will also usually be able to accept credit card contributions in person via the Square app.

Internet eTransfer

Another good option is using your online banking’s Internet eTransfer service to send contributions to You will need to supply a security question and password – please use “What sort of community are we?” for the question, and “secular” for the answer. Your bank may charge you a service fee for this, usually no more than $1.50.

Thank you for your support!